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Business Model Canvas


If you are thinking of Starting a business OR want to add new products and services and innovate your Existing business, understanding your business model is key. 

A business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. It can be described through 9 building blocks: Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships & Cost Structure.

If you are unsure how to use a Business Model Canvas or just need a refresher, this course is for you.
Certificate IV Entrepreneurship and New Business Online Learning Online Workshops


Start Your Own Business


Want to start your own business but unsure where to begin?
Starting your own business can be daunting, there is so much information out there! Our team of business advisors and trainers got together and created a self paced online course that will take you through all the steps you need to know before starting your own business. The course will cover off on compliance, business modelling, marketing and financial viability. You will download your start up business toolbox and get busy taking the first steps in making your business dreams come to life.