Our courses have been designed On Purpose

All of our courses have been designed, and are delivered by a team of experienced Business Advisors and Trainers.

All training content is based on what our team advise to business intenders, start ups and established businesses on the daily. Our team is experienced across all major industries and have had, or still have, their own business.

All courses; accredited, non-accredited, short or program based, are built on a solid base of what we call Purpose. What does that mean to us? It is an Education Methodology based on;

  • The Intention of the business, from a Value to Customer perspective
  • The Impact the business will have on the globe – alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ethics in practice – being a business that practices what they market

Have a browse around or reach out to our team to help you decide on the best learning experience for your personal goals. Want to chat? Call +61 2 4925 7700 to chat to a team member in our Newcastle NSW office.