Social Enterprise Ideation Program


Welcome to all enrolled program participants! 
This program is a collaboration between The Business Centre and Central Coast Launchpad. During the Social Enterprise program, participants will learn how to validate their idea, to find out if it has a chance to succeed in the marketplace!


Key areas of learning - your topics and tools;

  • Idea validation (Problem-Solution Fit) Understanding the problem and the people who experience it Design Thinking Methodology Problem discovery

  • Understanding how you can solve your customer’s problem/ how you can create value for them (Product-Market Fit) Value Proposition Design Value Proposition canvas 

  • How to create a business model around creating value for your customers and enough value for your business to be viable (Business Model Fit) Business Model Test Design Business Model canvas, Business model testing

  • What’s a Minimum Viable Product, and how to use it MVP - Test and learn MVP theory Validation Board 

  • How to pitch your idea! Pitching – design and presentation, best practice standards, peer review

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