Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business Blended


Built by our team of Advisors and Trainers, the Cert IV in Entrepreneurship has been designed for those who want to step into leadership roles. Learners are encouraged to think big, learn from current best business practice and question the status quo.

If you want to experience how you can do business differently, this accredited course is for you.

An Entrepreneurship Course with Sustainability at its Core

All of our courses are designed and developed by a team of experienced business advisors. The approach that was taken in developing the course content was to consider Sustainability at its core, with all of its meanings in mind. We want all learners to challenge the status quo. We encourage you to think BIG and dig deep and change the world we live in.


When you finish the training course, you will have explored and owned;

  • Innovation and Leadership
  • Your own Measures of Success
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making
  • The Business Basics
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Business Models
  • Financial Viability and Sustainability
  • Digital Solutions for Operations
  • be part of an alumni of learners, your new crew and Collaborators, your Network

Our Methodology

This accredited course has been specifically designed for those who want to step into leadership roles. Learners are encouraged to think big, learn from current best business practices, and question the status quo. Like never before communities are being challenged with ongoing uncertainty and need people with the right skills to navigate the path ahead. The course offers the skills, tools, and knowledge to develop and shape strong leaders, build solid businesses and support resilient communities.

The course is experienced in three modules;

Stop, Collaborate and Listen


This module is trainer-led, in our online classroom. Learners access the learner portal to gain further information and submit activities and assessments. Topics covered include; critical thinking, Innovation, Marketing, Legal and Risk, Operations, and Planning Finances. At the end of this module, you will be thinking big and adding layers of value to your ideas.


The Real Thing


This module is a blend of trainer-led and self-paced, it’s all about setting your business model and planning documents for financials and all areas of business. The learner portal will be available to add further information and submit assessments. At the end of this module, you will have your plan to start and operate a business.


We Run This


This module is all self-paced, supported by our learner portal filled with videos and content to get you through the final three units, topics including; Managing your finances, maintaining business relationships, and customer service.

Get in touch with our Education Team if you have any questions via email or phone us at  02 4925 7700.

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